Autumn: A Magical Experience

While I could enthuse about every season (and I do), right now I enjoy zooming in on the quickly approaching time of year: autumn.


Fall is Wonderful

I’ve always adored fall in its totality, allergies and all. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve appreciated the beautiful season. Of course, most people love autumn because of the changing leaves. While that certainly is a visually pleasing sight, I find that the season is about much more than that.

Here’s what fall is for me:

Cool morning sunrises. Freshly made apple cider. Warm, cashmere scarves. Knee socks and cardigans. Choosing the pumpkin that will perfectly suit this year’s masterpiece of a carving. Cozy, marshmallow-scented candles. Soft Ed Sheeran tunes. Late night football games. Thick knit sweaters. Enjoying soup while battling a miserable cold. Binge-reading the Harry Potter series. Trying to have a bonfire outside, but deciding against braving the chill of the night and roasting marshmallows on the stove instead. Wearing a flannel… because fall. A steaming mug of hot cocoa to warm your hands. Throwing a blanket on for both comfort and aesthetic purposes. Darker lipstick colors. Buying pumpkin-flavored drinks from Starbucks, even if the taste isn’t favorable. Desaturating every Instagram picture. Attempting to plan the perfect fall day with a friend (or three). Warm, homemade oatmeal with brown sugar, shaved coconut, pecans, and dried cherries.

Honestly, most of these things fall into the “common white girl” stereotype for the fall season. And I am not ashamed of it.


The Holidays are Swell

Autumn is home to several fantastic holidays… thankfully, most of which involve food. Here are three of my favorites!

Veteran’s Day:

This holiday is really unique compared to most things we celebrate. Veteran’s Day, in my experience, has always been a beautiful way of honoring those who have fought and are fighting for our freedom. Many people in my family have served in the armed forces, and I know several people who currently are. Training and fighting to serve for any country takes a lot of bravery and self-discipline, so I love that we have a day dedicated to honoring the Courageous.


I’ve grown up adoring Halloween. Never have I been the type of person who enjoys horror films or blood and guts or anything, so that isn’t why I enjoy October 31st in the slightest. The obvious reason to appreciate Halloween is because you get bucket loads (literally) of sweets. I also love dressing up… I sort of treat Halloween as a performance, because I’m a different character for the night. Even if I don’t go out on Halloween, I’m content knowing that all over the place are little kids ringing doorbells and teenagers light-heartedly exclaiming “Trick or treat!” Because I never get involved in any creepy things, Halloween is always fun for me.


Thanksgiving is clearly an honorable mention due to the food involved. Some of my personal favorites include mashed potatoes (like eight servings), salted turkey, and crescent rolls. Not only is this a wonderful day of stuffing 😉 ourselves, but it’s always a day that lives up to its name: Thanksgiving. The people around me are always more cheerful on this day because they’re focusing on the positives in their lives rather than on the negatives. The earth is happier on Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if everyone was like that daily?

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How To Autumn-ize Yourself

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to prepare for, shortly following the front-runner of winter. Here are some key things that I do for myself to really get in the mood for fall.

Change Up the Music

I tend to stray from the really common pop songs that I listen to in the summer when fall comes around. Instead, I like to listen to country music (yes, I enjoy it), Ed Sheeran, older Twenty One Pilots music, and slower contemporary Christian songs. I’ll even settle for chillstep some days (which is the polar opposite of dubstep). Can I also point out that “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots totally reminds me of fall? I think it’s for no reason other than the fact that I first heard the tune during the fall months. But, either way, give it a listen. It sends autumnal vibes.

Wardrobe Transitions

I generally leave behind my really bright pieces of clothing when the turning point for autumn comes around. I also warm up any short-sleeved tops or short bottoms by adding cardigans, jackets, and tights. I don’t wear scarves with my outfits that often, but I will occasionally sport one if it’s an especially chilly day. I typically wear knee socks or slightly above-average-height ones for extra coziness points. Also, boots. Boots everywhere. Most of my outfits will be paired with lace up combat or ankle boots. It’s just what I do. Another thing I love doing is darkening my nail polish choices. When I take the time to paint my nails, it’s typically a neutral color no matter what time of year it is. During the fall, however, they darken slightly and I’ll even venture into maroons, greens, and golds.

Alter the Surroundings

My personal space truly turns a sharp corner when September hits. Especially in the fall time, I’ll constantly have a candle lit. My go-to scents are marshmallow and pumpkin spice… they make your entire bedroom smell like warm happiness. Year round, I have white Christmas lights hung around my room, but when fall comes I switch them out for different ones. I change them to orange, pumpkin-shaped lights that give the room a deep, burnt orange kind of glow. I also stock up on blankets in my room, because I appreciate layers upon layers of puppy-soft material.

Take it Into Your Own Hands!

This last tip is pretty generic. Taking part in certain activities always get me in the mindset of “HECK YES FALL.” For example, going to football games always makes me really happy and pumped for autumn. I’ll try to go on at least one photo-taking spree or photo shoot during fall, because there’s something about a nice selection of autumnal pictures that switches your mind from summer to fall. Going to fall festivals, throwing an autumn-themed party, taking a trip to an apple orchard, trying a pumpkin recipe on Pinterest, jumping in the leaves… anything that screams “fall” is bound to get you excited for the season.

The first day of autumn this year is September 22nd. There is a countdown on my home screen to that day! Join me in anxious anticipation for this gorgeous time of year.

But, let’s be real here. Fall has already begun for me.

Blessings! Lauren Joy



One thought on “Autumn: A Magical Experience

  1. Grayden says:

    I am amused, but glad that you enjoy country music, it gets a bad rap. Also, I really enjoyed reading this, and am looking forward to coming posts.


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