Why I’m Starting a Blog

I’m Filling a Gap

This blog is filling a gap that’s been there for quite a while. I’ve always desired to create a YouTube account, but that requires a nice camera, a computer, lights, and a great deal of other things if you want to do it properly. Most people (like myself) don’t have the money to spend on that kind of stuff, but I also knew that, in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have the time and I would lose my drive for it.

I would say that I’m a creative person; I’ve grown up loving musical theatre, art, video-making, and writing. I’m active in both musical theatre and art, and while I’m still interested in video-making I just don’t have the resources to keep it as a key passion… which, honestly, I’m fine with. If the opportunity arises to get really nice equipment, I might take it. It just isn’t a huge crave of mine anymore to share my videos with people. As for the writing aspect, I write in my spare time often. Mostly, I write realistic fiction or science fiction-type stories… that I never end up finishing.

So, because YouTube hasn’t worked out for me, I still needed some platform to share my creativity with others. I think the reason that I’ve always desired to share my heart is because I love giving people advice if they’re seeking or in need of it. It also gives me something to do! I figured a blog was the best way to do that. It incorporates my passion for writing while allowing me to share my faith and advice.

If I Make One Person Smile…

I have no idea how many people will ever read my work here. This blog is a way for me to express myself creatively, but I hope it can also be a way to promote joy. Not happiness, but joy. I think that there’s always a push on people to constantly be happy. Happiness is a wonderful thing… but there is no way that happiness will ever be a constant thing for anyone on this Earth. If you think it will be, you’re lying to yourself. People die. People leave you. People move on. Life happens, and it isn’t easy.

What can be constant, however, is joyfulness. Joy comes from knowing The Heavenly Father. It provides hope, reassurance, and comfort. Aren’t those lovely things to constantly have?

On this blog, I’ll be speaking about whatever is on my heart. Whether it’s something faith-related, a rave about the latest musical, a book review, a fashion post… it’s all free game. I have a blank slate here. My goal with this blog is to brighten someone’s day, someone’s week, or someone’s life.

That sounds a bit extreme… because it is. Brightening someone’s life with a blog post? However, I know that some of the smallest things that people have done for me or the most seemingly insignificant words that I have read have been the ones that have changed me the most. So, hopefully and prayerfully, I will be able to spread joy.

But… I Don’t Really Know What I’m Doing Yet

This post is going up the same day that I created my blog. It took me five minutes to figure out how to set my header (which is the skinny picture at the top of the home page). I have no idea how often I’m going to post, or if there’s a certain day of the week that I will, or what. I don’t know how blogs work, either, really. Do you subscribe to them? Is it similar to a newsletter? I have no clue.

I’m figuring it out as I go along. So bear with me here. If I accidentally post something twice or end up not having the font a constant size, forgive me. You’re bound to gain some patience. You’ll also learn that I love to go on and on about things. If you get annoyed with how I write or if my posts are too long or too short… you don’t have to read it. I figured that was already obvious, but I wanted to reiterate it. I’m just pouring out my heart, and it often has a lot to say.

So, here’s to a new beginning.

Blessings! Lauren Joy



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